During the last week-end we had the PLEASED workshop at NDES 2014

I think the workshop has been a success and we already have  follow-up with some of the speakers.

In summary, the main messages are:

  • Signals can be segmented to find out homogeneous sections -  Prof. Pedro Bernaola-Galvan, University of Malaga, Spain
  • It is possible to analyse human physiology with contectless devices… Can it be applied to plants? –   Prof. Hagen Malberg, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, TU Dresden, Germany
  • The flow of information in the brain can provide significant insights … what happens in plants?  – Prof. Daniele Marinazzo, University Gent, Belgium
  • Modeling  physiological systems is far beyond what you see! … Applying techniques used to analyse human signals to plants one  could open new frontiers - Prof. Plamen Ch. Ivanov, Boston University and Harvard Medical School

Thanks a lot to all the participants


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