Visiting La Biennale in Venice

At the Finalnd/Nordic Countries Pavillon  at la Biennale “TREE PIECE: three trees are stretched between the sky and the earth, being held in tension owing to the water they evaporate. Their diameter slowly expands and contract according to the prevealing conditions of light and humidity. The change of thier measures in this constant yet visible tension alters the pitch of the sound”



PLEASED is now collaborating with ICT ART

PLEASED is now collaborating with  ICT ART. The first tangible result will be the performance in Vilnius

In the context of ICT ART we are interested in  the design and implementation of  artistic performances (possibly live) in which the signals generated by plants in reaction to environmental stimuli are mapped into sounds, music,  images and videos also used as background scenes and inspiration for ballets and miming representations.