We offer a proof of concept of a new technology developed in the FET OPEN project PLEASED to understand electrical signals generated in reaction to external stimulii. Understanding such signals can provide us a tool to implement “personalised” agriculture, precision agriculture and to monitor the environment. Furthermore, coherently with the goal of TIPITEC we hope to find the “electrical fingerprint” to characterise some typical products of Lazio.

We need to extend the experimentation and data collection activities to a vast audience of potential industrial partners, for a twofold objective:

a) Extend the open dataset to allow the research community to have  more reliable results

b) Discuss with industrial partners possible new applications

In such perspective, we ask to host a PLEASED kit in your field and to connect it to your plants in order to collect new data in the open dataset. We are also interested in regular periodic meeting with the interested partners to discuss possible applications of this technology

Maturity. PLEASED technology is still proof-of-concept. In our vision we need about 5 more years to have a possible ready-to-market technology

Contact Point.
Andrea Vitaletti